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The conception of this product started in 2010, when Cal Junior, son of an amazon native, created the company A2BR – Águas do Ar do Brazil, for the research and development in Brazil of AWG (Atmospheric) Water Generator) technology, which consists of removing water from moisture from the air and make it suitable for human consumption through the condensation and filtration processes

The technology has more than ten patents worldwide. After setting the details for representation in Brazil of one of the manufacturers, Cal had the big break in front of some draft beer on a wooden table on the sidewalk of La Villette, one of his favorite bars in São Paulo: water is a molecule formed by two hydrogen atoms and one of oxygen, which in turn are chemical elements commonly found in the form of gases. if they are available in the atmosphere, we'll bottle them in a place that let the air be very pure and drink them. And then sell them!

That simple.

It was that way, from a brilliant idea that emerged in an informal chatting between friends, which the entrepreneur launched himself to the biggest professional dream he've ever had in your life. THE contract, obviously, went far from being “simple thus". Quite the opposite.

Years of hard work, with uninterrupted weeks of studies, countless hours of meetings and thousands of kilometers traveled.

Creator of the Natural Reaction project and publisher of the MAGAZINE NATURAL REACTION MAGAZINE, Cal Júnior has all of socio-environmental and sustainability marketing.

In front of so many mishaps and the general burning of their savings, almost became discouraged on some occasions.

One of the most critical moments was when they had to abandon the entire implementation of a production project using AWG technology in the Rocinha favela in Rio.

Possible thanks to the pacification of Rio's hills, this development ran parallel to the one in the Amazon.

The water would be called Samba. With the return of tensions between drug dealers and state forces, the project had to be interrupted. "What motivated us to follow unabated was

something that actually always dictated the direction of my career: the incessant search for sustainable business solutions", says Cal Junior

When they finally presented the Ô Amazon Air Water project to the mayor of the municipality of Barcelos, received it back a look of disbelief. "My immediate reaction was to find that it was a joke”, recalls the mayor. "I had no idea of how that would be possible. But then I realized that the air conditioning also produces water. And I was curious to to know more." That was in 2012.”

The first time I flew over the region and came across that green immensity, I felt I was entering another world. It was indescribable.” Cal Junior already knew the place well - he was there in 2002 to produce a documentary about

the Ornamental Fish Festival, traditional event of Barcelos. The city, with 26 thousand inhabitants, is 655 km by river road from Manaus and home to the largest freshwater archipelago of the world. It is also the second largest municipality in area in Brazil, behind only to Altamira, in Pará.

In June 2014, two years after that flyover and the first meeting with the mayor, the City Council of Barcelos unanimously approved Law number 537/2014,

authorizing the chief executive, that is, the mayor, to sign a thirty-year property use lease with the Ô Amazon Air Water. The property in question, where it was implemented the socio-environmental complex, it is an old palm heart factory embedded in an area of ​​1.75 million square meters, in the middle of the forest, on the banks of the Black river.

The building already exists. To start operating, therefore, Ô Amazon Air Water didn't kill any tree, on contrary: the surroundings of the building, were deforested, and now its reforested. The entire production flow structure will be reused from the deactivated factory.

The machines that will produce water arrived at the complex in March of 2015. With a capacity of 5 thousand liters.

The energy that supplies Barcelos comes from diesel, but all the kilowatts needed to produce Ô Amazon Air Water will be obtained via solar panels.

The impact on relative humidity in the region is also zero.

It's like taking a glass of water from an Olympic swimming pool that will be replaced in the next day, or sooner.

The counterpart that the project offers to the municipality and the region as a whole for the concession of the land is another differential of the project. First, an investment fund with 1 EURO for each bottle sold for the development of other sustainable projects that, as well as Ô Amazon Air Water, also presuppose the forest protection.

As the targeted production is 6 million bottles per year, this fund already projects the result of 6 million Euros.

Will also be distributed to the most vulnerable inhabitants people in Barcelos, 15 thousand liters of pure water for consumption. And, of course, direct jobs will be generated for the

local population. In all bottles of Ô Amazon Air Water a QRCODE will be applied, whose reading with a cell phone will put your flag in an area on the map of the Amazon that the consumer will be godfather.

Cal Júnior lists: “First of all it's amazing taste, a unique water in the world, made with the purest air of the planet and contribute to the protection of the forest through of a project that takes nothing from the Amazon but a little water from the flying rivers and immediately it's refunded, and that it will finance other projects that also have preservation as their main objective.

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