A life experience

We produce,

from the purest air on the planet,
the purest water in the world.
It does not come from the ground, from the mountains, nor from glaciers, it floats...
in the atmosphere of the Amazon rainforest

 Drink, breathe and live  

"Each bottle is produced by hand, very carefully being analyzed from the moment of the capture of the humidity of the air - until its packaging, making Ô Amazon an exclusive water in all the editions produced.Without nitrates or pollutants, minerality ultra low provides a light palate with a slight sweetness sensation "  

German Bezerra Inhuma - Chemical Engineer

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Culinária local

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a 750 ml bottle

a 750 ml bottle

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The idea is to bottle and export the water produced from the humidity of the Amazon forest, to sell to the exclusive luxury market and use the results to contribute to the cultural, social, environmental and economic development of the

Amazon region.


The social and environmental project Ô Amazon Air Water, which is being implemented in the Amazon Rainforest, will cause two major market revolutions, launching a new product worldwide and establishing a new sustainable business concept in which the negative impact is zero and the environmental, social gains, cultural and economic resources for the region are countless. Learn more details about this innovative initiative.

For each bottle consumed we will make a donation to the social investment fund and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

Thought is global, action is local,

but attitude is individual.

Cal Junior - Founder  Ô Amazon