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In the heart of the Amazon rainforest on the banks of the Rio Negro. Comfort and safety are part of an exclusive proposal of immersion in legends, mysteries, adventures and Amazonian experiences. Unique in the world powered by photovoltaic energy and with exclusive technology for producing water from the air of the Amazon offered in each unit, the resort features seventeen high luxury container homes - with two suites on the second floor all facing Rio Negro. Houses Installed on a Deck above ground – provide a laser area and access to a private beach on the riverbank in front of a paradise island in the city of Barcelos AM. The great transforming spectacle that the Amazon offers – can be experienced in Barcelos in the Amazon – headquarters of our facilities, site of the largest waterfall in Brazil, the largest river archipelago on the planet, capital of Tucunaré sport fishing, land of the ornamental fish festival and the second largest area of ​​jungle in a municipality in the world. A place with a special magic where our resort offers the best for your experience.

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