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We produce a bottle of water of the purest air on the planet. It doesn't come from the soil, from the mountains, nor from glaciers, it floats...
in the flying rivers of the Amazon rainforest.

Technology Innovation + Amazon + Exclusive Market + Art + Logo concept + Design + Limited production + Zero Carbon + Solar energy + Social and environmental actions =


Our Water is produced by Amazonian Trees that transpire and form rivers flight. Through an innovative technology that we call the GAUA System, evolution promoted by our world-renowned AWG technology company, we remove some of this water from the air of the Amazon and transform it into an Asset financial, through our products. Our Ounce edition fine water bottle Pintada - who launched our proposal - consolidated the perception of the qualification that most important raw material for consumption in the world, water is crucial for quality of the product that is used - therefore - our company is THE ONLY WATER IN THE WORLD EXTRACTED FROM THE AIR OF THE AMAZON understands that it can offer this delicacy to the world. We currently offer two models to the market of product with our water: Jaguar Edition 750ml ; Vitória Régia Edition 1.5 Liters. For our next launch, we will enter the beauty market with our Water Thermal and Micellar Water | Both focused on the highly exclusive market of world. With the advancement of our BUSINESS BASE, we established the cost AR AMAZON WATER BARREL - thus standardizing the value to be We invest in products that are developed with our water or customers interested in purchasing in volume the ONLY WATER OF THE FLYING RIVERS OF AMAZON

Of the total water on the planet, 0.001% is in the atmosphere,
mainly in its lower layers. Our company is the only company in the world
that removes some of this water from the Amazon and transforms it into financial assets, trading bottled water, Widely awarded.


Our market focus is the production of “food” water – which in our perception is
precisely that for daily human consumption – direct. In addition to this way
of consumption, we also detect the “raw material” water – which is what is inside of the products we consume, such as drinks, cosmetics and medicines.
This market needs quality water and consumption control. Currently we do not notice the influence of water in this segment, as in our culture – even with all the relevance and importance of water – but it is very high, observing the  percentages within these products. Currently our legislation is very broad in what they call “drinking water” – where its basis is the analysis of non-existent fecal coliforms. Observing this – we will offer to the market the possibility of integrating high quality water into consumption and its production definedly controlled for that specific production. We believe in the market that needs qualification to promote the health and quality of its consumer. Water is not all the same. Each water has its DNA and can be applied to personalized follow-ups. In the case of wine, water accounts for between 70% to 90% of its volume, depending on the type of grape variety or type of wine (dry to sweet), and all the odorous and flavorful elements are dissolved in it of the liquid. Water makes up more than 90% of beer's raw material. In a big Brewery uses, on average, 3 to 4 liters for each liter of drink produced. In smaller ones, it can reach 10. About 10 or 15 years ago, a large brewery used to use 5 to 6 liters of water for every liter of beer produced. A 200ml glass of soft drink contains approximately 20g of sugar, and water makes up between 87% and 99% of the drink. On certain products of cosmetics, the amount of water present can reach 90% of its
total composition. - This product will allow better action of functional assets
present in the formulation and greater effectiveness of the cosmetic - indica.
Water purity is also an essential factor for quality.

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